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About Me



I’m Romina, mum of a beautiful little girl, Grace.


I am from north of Italy and moved to London in 2015 where I found my love and my best friend, Mattia.

I’m passionate about healthy food, fitness and all things self-improvement.

I’ve always loved to spend my time in the kitchen, cooking for my family and my friends.

When Grace was six months old and I had to start weaning, I found myself lost and unaware of what and how to serve food to a baby. 

I really wanted to give her the best, like every mum does with their kids, but I also wanted to follow my diet, avoiding meat and try to reduce the use of animal derivatives. 

Having spoken with other mums and doing some research on online, I noticed that this is common and is a very challenging time for a mum, so I decided in 2020 to open Yummy Little Belly, an Instagram page where I share all the dishes I make for my little Grace.

I hope you will enjoy my food and find inspiration in my simple and yummy recipes for you and your baby!


She is my little crazy girl, 

I can’t handle her sweetness.

She is such a fun,

full of energy,


and enthusiastic little girl.

I just adore her and her sparkling personality


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